The Difference Between a Board and Care and Room and Board

Many individuals have plans to purchase a second home and to run a facility that houses individuals who need housing. There are two types of businesses you can do.  There are Board and Care facilities,  and then there are homes that offer just Room and Board.                                                                                                                                           Board and Care Facilities are homes that are R.C.F.E.  (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly) these facilities are licensed by the state. The state will need to come out do an inspection and will instruct you on what modifications i,e ( railings, ramps, etc) that will be needed to be cleared.  These facilities range from high functioning to extreme cases of dementia, or severely handicapped.  State Law allows in most home depending on the zoning, but mostly 2 people to a room. If a home has a lot of unused square footage and there are reasonable areas to put more people, you can file for an high occupancy permit.                                                  High Occupancy permits, cost $9000.00.  Also it takes about 7-8 months for them to come out, inspect and approve. So one must crunch some numbers and figure out what is best for your situation.                                         Room and Board is just that, a home that offers housing for individuals that need it. Some care is provided such as 24hr cook and Administrator around at all times.  Transportation can be provided to taken to their programs if needed, and safe clean environment is provided for them.  The State does not inspect, and are not involved in these homes.  Board and Cares rent rate are much higher than a Room and Board, in my experience Registered Nurses deal with the Board and Cares, a lot of my clientele for those properties are RNs.  Call in sometime we can discuss further what may be right for you.

DeMylon Vinson